How to Play Paperio GO

The aim of our game, which starts in a circle, is to enlarge the area and capture the entire map. You can wander around as you wish during the game. During this time, you should try not to be defeated by your opponents in the game. To enlarge your own space, you have to step outside of it. When you leave your field, you leave a trace. To improve your field, you can expand your field by returning to your own field after leaving the field. If an opponent cuts the line you left behind to expand the area, or if you intentionally or compulsively cut the line behind you, the game will be over. Throughout the game, you can move safely in your own area and you can only walk around your own area without leaving a trace. This area is like your headquarters. You or any other enemy cannot kill you in this area. You can kill other players by catching them inside your field or on the white page and cutting the line behind them. When you do this above a certain number, you can earn badges. Here are a few other ways to earn badges: Playing the game multiple times, having entered the game at least once in the morning and evening, climbing over a certain area in the game. The points you earn in the game depend on the percentage, the time you stay in the game, and the number of enemies you kill. You can get higher scores depending on the area you will take and the number of enemies you will kill during the game. In PaperIO you are just a piece of paper. You win when you fold the entire area with your own paper. You have to work to get the biggest space and get the whole badge collection. You can play by pressing the play button.