Guerrilla Marketing

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing is a marketing campaign carried out in unexpected places, unexpected times and unexpected movements. Guerrilla marketing is different from traditional marketing. In this marketing method, advertisements are made to increase the purchase size of the customers. Guerrilla marketing, which is always outside the standards and sometimes shocking, uses extraordinary and interesting methods.

The answer to the question of what is guerrilla marketing is the advertising efforts to draw attention to the brand and increase its awareness. Guerrilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. Since it has a different working principle, if this marketing method is applied correctly, it provides a voice for the brand. The aim of guerrilla marketing is to surprise consumers with a low budget. Viral studies in this marketing are widely spoken among consumers. In this way, the shares about the brand are also increasing. Although it varies according to the environment in which the studies are carried out, in guerrilla marketing, it is not aimed to reach large masses. Reaching fewer audiences. Since it is an unusual advertising move, it is more memorable. There are many types of guerrilla marketing. These;


guerrilla marketing examples

Outdoor Guerilla Marketing Study

It is guerrilla marketing activities that take place outdoors and outdoors.

Indoor Guerrilla Marketing Study

As the name suggests, it is the work done indoors (train station, metro station, airports, bus, etc.).

Guerrilla Marketing at Events

It is the guerrilla marketing activities that suddenly appear in front of people at the events and surprise them.

Guerrilla marketing has many advantages. The cost of this marketing method is less than traditional and other marketing studies. When the right idea is applied, it can be presented to consumers with lower budgets in studies. These marketing ads have a low budget and a high return on investment. The guerrilla marketing method is more memorable because it suddenly meets the consumer at unexpected moments with the formation of original and creative ideas. These marketing efforts play an important role in increasing the brand awareness of the product or service.

Guerrilla marketing examples are explanatory and creative. It can find you when you least expect it on the beach, in stores, on benches, on the roads, anywhere. For example, making a wrist watch instead of a bus holder, making the open-covered shape of chocolates on benches, putting scales on the benches in the bus waiting areas and reflecting your weight on the billboard are famous. In guerrilla marketing, the brand must be known. Since there are creative and viral advertisements, this is important in terms of understanding what is being said about the brand more quickly. Briefly, examples of guerrilla marketing are as follows;

Secret Marketing
Stencil Graffiti Art
Flashmob Event
Creative Viral Videos
Social media
Creative Notice Boards
Car Animations
Step Tactic
Tattooed Mirrors

What is the Guerrilla Marketing Revolution?

The guerrilla marketing revolution is the advertising movements that have been applied in the marketing world for almost 50 years. This magnificent and surprising marketing method gives dazzling results with a low budget. With guerrilla marketing methods, it is measured how people will be addressed by going down to their subconscious and how people react. What supports guerrilla marketing is actually the NLP techniques in marketing. Brands can apply these 4 steps to achieve success in their sales careers;

Setting clear and measurable goals
Observing whether you are acting in line with your goals,
Changing the behaviors that do not lead to the goal with the behaviors that will reach the goal,
Take action to reach the goal.

What are Guerrilla Marketing Features and Guerrilla Marketing Techniques?

Guerrilla marketing is the work of companies trying to fight their strong competitors to increase their brand awareness with creative ideas and low budgets. The number of people reached by guerrilla marketing is small, but the rate of retention is very high. Guerrilla marketing features;

Guerrilla marketing is an unorthodox form of advertising.
Guerrilla marketing is a free advertising movement.
It does not need high budgets like other types of marketing.
Creativity is the basis of guerrilla marketing.
It aims to attract new customers and win back old customers.
Virally, it allows more than one person to share their advertisements on social media and word of mouth.
The marketing process is pretty fun.
Guerrilla marketing is more memorable.


Guerrilla marketing only

They are divided into different types according to their application area and forms. These techniques, which provide businesses with creative ideas, are as follows;

Environmental Marketing

They are creative works that emerge with the correct use of environmental elements.

Sneaky Marketing

It is usually an attempt by the rival companies of official sponsors to attract the attention of the audience or readers. It is an effort to bring the promotion of the brand that tries to add value to the events it attends, instead of being a sponsor in the events, to reach more masses.

Secret Marketing

It is a marketing technique that tries to get people to interact with products with pre-planned work without people noticing that you are marketing.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, which follows a different method than word of mouth marketing, is a marketing technique that helps to increase the visibility of the message thanks to social networks and users. Transactions that enable the marketing item to be passed from one user to another.


viral marketing

Street Marketing

It is the way companies market their products on the streets. Advertising works used in cars or buses are examples of street marketing. Guerrilla marketing practices are applied in places suitable for the idea created.