guerrilla marketing

What Are Guerrilla Marketing Examples?

What is Digital Guerrilla Marketing? What Are the Examples?

Digital marketing is a marketing method to promote products and services through mass media such as social media. In digital guerrilla marketing, it is the delivery of advertising movements that combine appropriate budgets and extraordinary ideas to target audiences. In digital guerrilla marketing, the work done using online platforms is shared. People inevitably share their ideas about guerrilla marketing works from their own accounts. These shares ensure that the brands doing their work are heard by everyone.

In viral marketing, word of mouth is considered important. In this sense, the main place of guerrilla marketing is usually the streets. Anyone who is not aware of the advertisement is allowed to participate. If the advertisements have a viral effect, they can spread quickly on the internet. Colgate’s interesting but equally creative example of guerrilla marketing has drawn people’s attention. It is a very different idea to make the ice cream stick in the shape of a toothbrush and the text “Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth” after the ice cream is finished. In addition, the photo of coffee in a cup placed on top of the manhole covers on the streets of New York evokes hot coffee. The showers that the Sprite beverage brand puts on the beaches and the brand logo they wear on the showers support people’s desire for that drink while they cool off. The fact that Mars chocolate truck has a box made by giving the chocolate its own shape and designing its logo on it creates a viral effect in people.

What are the Most Popular Guerrilla Marketing Examples and Guerrilla Marketing Practices?

Guerrilla marketing methods that will enable you to be different and one step ahead of your competitors in the sector increase your profit rate. Unusual ideas can sometimes bring admiration for your brand to a surprising extent. Although not many examples of guerrilla marketing have been tried in Turkey. With the money-looking business card, it has been tried to ensure the permanence of the products or services by attracting people’s attention at the first moment. Tried in guerrilla market applications, IKEA’s advertising on its billboard by placing sofas at bus stops was a good design service. When the elevator-looking door of Becel margarine is opened, there is a ladder inside, which is an example of guerrilla marketing in Turkey. The slogan “Love Your Heart, Take Action” should not be forgotten on the elevator door. Among the most popular examples of guerrilla marketing, it is observed that viral advertisements such as McDonald’s bow crossing idea, Kit Kat’s bank-made chocolate dressing are one of the tools of guerrilla marketing.