Flash Memory

Things to Consider When Buying Flash Memory

Flash memories, which enable us to carry data to our pockets or even to our key chain, are among the indispensables of the technological world we live in. USB memory sticks with storage capacities such as 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB continue to increase their capacities with the advancement of technology. If you have decided to buy a USB memory stick, but you do not have complete information about what you should pay attention to, we will try to help you in this article.

1- Capacity is Important

You must have a memory that is large enough to handle the file sizes you need to move. If your memory capacity is small, you may have to move files piecemeal. This will often require you to carry an extra flash drive with you. In order not to mess up your files and not waste time, it will always be to your advantage to choose high-capacity flash memories. For example, taking the wrong USB stick with you when you go to a very important meeting can put you in a really difficult situation.

2- Easy Portability

Your flash drive should neither be small enough to be lost every day nor large enough to make it difficult to carry around. It will be more advantageous to prefer flash memories that you can attach to your key ring. In this way, you will reduce the possibility of losing these technology products, which can be lost frequently, and they will be with you whenever you need them. They are also very ideal products to use as a key chain. Especially considering that you can find flash memory versions of all your favorite cartoon characters.

3- Operating System Compatibility

Since the majority of users use Windows, flash memories are generally programmed specifically to work in the Windows Operating System. Therefore, make sure that your flash memory is compatible with the operating system of the computers you will use and transfer to, otherwise partial corruption will occur in the files you carry.

4- Speed

Although this feature is not very important for those of you who are moving up to 50 MB, transport speed is also extremely important when moving larger files. Here we recommend that you check whether your flash memory is SLC or MLC. SLCs (single-level cell) are faster than MLCs (multi-level cell). Most of the cheap models on the market are MLC.