cash flow

Why Is Cash Flow Important?

Why is Cash Flow important? Basically, the goals of companies are to make money, to make a profit. Cash is one of the most indispensable items for businesses. In startup companies, 80% of which are established with one or two people, cash is needed when starting the business, operating the business and expanding the business

What is Crisis Management? Creating a Crisis Management Plan

Even if you manage all the operations related to your business properly, you may face a crisis sooner or later. These crises can be caused by internal problems (sequential resignations or loss of a key customer) or external factors (economic crisis, natural disasters, shortage of raw materials). Whatever the source of the crisis, the consequences
sale product

What are the advantages of e-export?

Like any business venture, e-commerce tries to meet many challenges, including finding the right market, gaining the trust of the target market, increasing sales and long-term growth. However, when done thoughtfully and strategically, e-export can have advantages for businesses and customers alike. What are the advantages of e-export for businesses? Increased brand visibility: Establishing your

How can you increase your e-commerce sales?

The most important agendas of 2021; metaverse news, supply chain issues, and data privacy. Despite all these popular agendas, worldwide e-commerce sales have reached an estimated $4.9 trillion, and experts predict it will increase by 50% over the next four years. At this point, what do you need to do to get your share of
performance evaluation

How is Performance Evaluated? Things to Avoid When Evaluating Performance

Most businesses conduct employee reviews on a regular basis, usually at least once a year. Evaluation generally includes a review of whether the employee’s various job duties and habits match expectations. Evaluation results are often an important consideration for promotions, bonuses and raises. Regular reviews help employees better understand what is expected of them, improve
b2b business

What is B2B Business Model? Features of B2B Business Model

While there are many types of businesses, most businesses depend on B2B suppliers and businesses to operate. So what is B2B and why is it called B2B? So let’s start! Content Titles [show] What is B2B Business Model? B2B stands for Business to Business. It is a method of doing business in which businesses trade

Things to Avoid When Evaluating Performance

1. Bias Managers should always try to identify and overcome biases that may affect their evaluation of an employee’s performance. Bias can be based on a number of factors not directly related to job performance (race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, personality, etc.) that can affect how a manager evaluates a particular employee. Also, if a
Orientation Checklist

Creating an Employee Orientation Checklist

Employee orientation training basics involve showing new employees how to do their jobs safely and efficiently. But leading companies know that it is important to do much more in orientation training. Orientation is an excellent time to prepare employees for the company, products, culture and policies. So what does the employee orientation checklist include? Company