Office Cleaning in 6 Items

Office Cleaning in 6 Items

Our ancestors have a saying. The lion can be seen from where he sleeps. Our offices are our showcase. First impression is very important for customers who come to our office. A neat and clean office is essential for making a good first impression.

In today’s world, we spend most of our lives in offices. The cleanliness and hygiene of our working environment directly affects both our mental and physical health.

The fact that our offices, where we spend at least 8 hours a day, are a pleasant environment when working, are clean and hygienic, that is, we feel comfortable, provide motivation to work. Employees who start work in the morning want their businesses to be clean and organized. While the productivity of the employees with increased motivation increases, at the same time, the rate of illness decreases. Dirt and germs do not stay in offices that are regularly cleaned.

We spend more time in our offices, which are as important as our home, perhaps more than at home. For this reason, 3 golden rules should be followed when cleaning works for a clean and spacious office:

1- Cleaning from right to left.

2- Cleaning from top to bottom.

3- Cleaning from clean to dirty.
6 Basic Steps for a Correct Office Cleaning

Step 1: Ashtrays and Trash Cans

While the ashtrays are being emptied, they should be emptied towards the bottom of the trash can so that there is no ash around. When emptying the garbage can, the wetness of the garbage bags and whether they are torn should be checked, and if they give off a bad smell, they should be changed immediately.

Step 2: Flat Areas Between 20cm and 2m

Starting from the part called the skirting board, dust should be taken up to where we are tall. Separate cloths should be used for areas such as tables and panels.

Step 3: Desktop Devices

Devices that we are in constant contact with, such as phones, and that are close to our breath, should also be cleaned. A different cloth should be used and daily cleaning should be done. When dusting on computer screens, cleaning should be done with dry cloths, not wet.

Step 4: Desk

Table tops should be cleaned from right to left. The undersides of the items that can be lifted should also be cleaned, and there should be no stains on the table. Drying should be done with a dry cloth after wet wiping.

Step 5: Ground

If our floor is carpet, the walkways should be vacuumed. For detailed cleaning, vacuum should be done up to the back of the garbage cans. On hard floors, dry mopping should be done first, then wet, and then again to avoid stains.

Step 6: Check

After all the processes, checks should be made to ensure that there are no deficiencies. The most important step, the control, determines whether the cleaning is done correctly. At the last stage of the control, it is ensured that there are no open lamps, windows, cleaning materials left and our cleaning is finished.

Studies have shown that while employees work more regularly in a clean environment, those who work in dirty and unhygienic environments work more carelessly. Increase in annual renewal costs, decrease in work quality and loss of customers may occur due to pollution. At the same time, reluctant work of personnel can create expenses such as personnel renewal and training costs.

For such reasons, we can say that businesses that are aware of the fact that paying attention to office cleaning will have positive results for employees, customers and bosses and will offer a better quality environment, are one step ahead of their competitors.