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Instagram Ads Tips and Best Practices

Here are the best tips for creating Instagram ads professionally:

Use high quality content. Instagram is a visual platform, so make sure your Instagram ads are bold and engaging. Although tempting, don’t overload the filters.
Be consistent with your brand identity. The style and tone of your Instagram ads should match your website, packaging, and other marketing materials.
Keep content fresh and relevant. It’s not about running one ad per day, but as with any campaign, make sure you stick to a schedule with your promotional content.

Start Advertising on Instagram Now

Instagram advertising is simple yet effective. With the right advertising campaign, you can benefit from the large audience of the platform to grow your brand.

Remember, there are two ways to advertise on the platform: using the Instagram app or Facebook Ads Manager.

With the Instagram app, you need to:

Create a professional profile.
Select the post you want to promote.
Choose the purpose of the ad.
Set the audience base.
Set the budget and duration of the ad campaign.
Submit your ad for review.

If you’re using Facebook Ads Manager, you need to do the following:

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create an Ads Account.
Choose the primary intent that best fits your ad.
Define your target demographic.
Configure the ad placement.
Set the budget and timing of the ad campaign.
Create the ad.

We hope this guide helped you with advertising on Instagram. If you have questions about how you can use Instagram ads for your business, you can contact us.


The Explore page on Instagram is visited by more than 200 million active accounts. Here, people are shown posts that Instagram thinks they’ll find interesting, rather than content from the accounts they follow.

For example, if you frequently view food photos, you’ll discover much more in Discover.

Users on Discover are in the discovery mindset, which provides a great opportunity for promotion.

Unlike Instagram ads that show in the feed, these ads don’t appear on the Explore page. Instead, users discover your promotion when they tap and start scrolling to relevant content.

This is a great way to blend Instagram ads with user interests. So be sure to include call-to-action buttons on each ad to let people control your entire offer.