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Is It Worth Advertising On Instagram?

90% of its users follow at least one brand profile to look for a reason to buy. That’s why almost all brands that want to connect with people should have a social media presence, and Instagram is one of the biggest of these social networks.

Instagram is also one of the top players in digital ads. Therefore, we can say that it is worth promoting on Instagram.

If you already advertise on Facebook, Instagram allows you to use its parent company’s user data to build your audience.

This helps you create a highly targeted marketing strategy and saves you time by not having to start from scratch with Instagram ads. This means higher conversion and engagement rates.

You can choose the target market for your Instagram ads, the app will also deliver them based on user preferences.

By tailoring people’s online shopping experiences, it gives your brand’s Instagram ads a much better chance to influence their purchasing decisions.
How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Because Instagram ads are served through Facebook Business Manager, the platform uses similar pricing models as its parent company: cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM).

The CPC model calculates the cost based on the number of clicks your Instagram ad receives. The CPM model requires you to pay per thousand impressions the ad generates.

The median average cost of Instagram ads is $0.83 per click and $4.80 per thousand impressions.

Advertisers can purchase ad placements through a bidding system.

The auction happens when the platform sees a chance to show an ad. Regulates which ads Instagram should serve to a specific audience.

The following factors determine the winner of the auction:

Bid — The amount you are willing to pay for the advertising service

Estimated action rates — The chance that an ad will cause interactions or conversions

Ad quality — the ad’s ability to attract attention and generate clicks

Although bid size plays a big role in the system, Instagram ads that are relevant to the audience’s preferences have a better chance of winning the auction. Therefore, all advertisers have an equal chance to run Instagram ads, regardless of their budget.

Other factors that can affect advertising costs on Instagram include audience demographics, ad placement and ad scheduling. Therefore, ads with popular audiences cost more due to the competitive bidding process.

The best way to cut costs is to create engaging Instagram ads and make sure they are relevant to your target market.

First-time brands may also want to use the automated bid strategy, which allows Facebook to manage your budget for best results.
Instagram Advertising Models

Depending on the content and goals of your Instagram ads, some ad formats may be more appropriate than others. When you promote with Instagram, your ads don’t always have to stick to one format. That’s why there are six ad formats to choose from when creating an Instagram ad:
1. Photo Ads

Any social media user is probably familiar with sponsored Instagram posts.

The classic Instagram ad format uses a single image to create brand awareness for your product or service in your target audience’s Instagram feed.

When using photo ads, you can choose from three formats:

Square — Images with a minimum resolution of 600 x 500 pixels.

Landscape — Resolution must be higher than 600 x 315 pixels.

Portrait — Ideal for images with at least 600 x 750 pixels.

You can add text to the image if needed, but you need to make sure it passes the text placement test. As a general rule, the text in your Instagram posts should not distract users from the image.

Since you only have one image to show for these types of Instagram ads, you need to make sure you choose an engaging image to maximize your chances of getting clicks.
2. Video Ads (Video Ads)

You can diversify your Instagram ad content with video ads. You can upload a maximum of 120 seconds video file smaller than 4GB to Instagram. Facebook recommends keeping the video length under 15 seconds for better engagement.

Similar to image ads, this Instagram ad type has three different formats based on aspect ratio: Square (1:1), landscape (16:9), and portrait (4:5).

You can also create a slideshow from multiple images with a 15 second limit.

Adding an SRT file for subtitles is also allowed if your audience uses multiple languages. Adding these texts will improve your headphone-free ads to hearing-impaired users and in public places.

It will be of great benefit to those who want to watch it.
3. Carousel Ads

The Carousel Ads format allows you to display up to 10 images or videos in a single ad post. If you need to showcase product details from different angles, tell a story or explain actions, you can create Instagram ads in this format.

Image and video features are the same as those applied to previous Instagram ad formats.

While you can add different sized images and videos to the same carousel intro, it’s recommended to keep the same aspect ratio and theme throughout the entire post.
4. Instagram Stories Ads

Story ads are videos or images that appear when users tap on Instagram stories in their Feed or Explore section.

If you want to appear quickly in the feed of a user controlling the app, Instagram Story ads are one of the best ad models to choose from.

Instagram stories ads use the entire device screen, creating an immersive and distraction-free ad viewing experience.

When using stories for Instagram ads, make sure the visual content is shot vertically in full-screen mode and has an aspect ratio of 9:16 for optimal viewing performance.

The maximum duration of video-based Instagram stories is 15 seconds. For longer videos, Instagram splits them into 15-second segments.
5. Instagram Collection Ads

One of the newest ad format options for Instagram ads is Collection Ads.

Collection ads allow your audience to view a product catalog at the bottom with an image or video.

Your main image can be in the form of a photo or video.

When the viewer clicks on the post, the ad enters full screen mode, creating an immersive mobile experience.

You can add more than 12 images to these Instagram ads, and up to four products can be displayed under the main image.

Remember, you need to make sure you choose engaging content to drive users to explore your entire collection.
6. Instagram Discover Ads

Instagram ads no longer appear only in the Feed. If you want to maximize lead generation opportunities, you should also use Discover ads as your preferred ad format.

The Explore page on Instagram is visited by more than 200 million active accounts. Here, people are shown posts that Instagram thinks they’ll find interesting, rather than content from the accounts they follow.

For example, if you frequently view food photos, you’ll discover much more in Discover.

Users on Discover are in the discovery mindset, which provides a great opportunity for promotion.

Unlike Instagram ads that show in the feed, these ads don’t appear on the Explore page. Instead, users discover your promotion when they tap and start scrolling to relevant content.

This is a great way to blend Instagram ads with user interests. So be sure to include call-to-action buttons on each ad to let people control your entire offer.